"Ear Licks"




A Recording Songwriter

I'm not a professional writer.  Those guys toil away every day trying to write and re-write the perfect song.  Not a bad goal, but maybe their songs tend to start sounding all the same.  I'd like to write a perfect song too, but I'm not in a rush - I'm having tons of fun along the way.  Still, we songwriters want to hear our work.  And here, at YrLic, is where I keep mine.

I've been lucky.  When I was 7,  my parents bought me a piano (cuz 'my girl' had one).  I learned drums in high-school, Then I taught myself guitar and vocal.  I'm not living off it, but it keeps me out of mischief.  

Unless otherwise indicated, I'm playing all the instruments and doing all the vocals.
DRUMS:    In the early days, I played the real thing (even played drums at a C&W revue in Nebraska), but in the later days I used a Boss DR-660.
BASS:    In the early days, I rented from the local music store.  In Frederick, I bought a Yamaha Bass, which I used for Under Developed etc.



To contact me,
send an email to yrlic (hotmail) or to yrlic (at this website).