Klavier Spielen III
(Back Log)

This album was created partly from songs used in soundtracks for Citi. 

01 Bach Problem It just came out, and I tried to be Johanne Sebatian Bach
02 Back Problem II part 2, additional instruments, kinda flows together
03 Kiara's Halloween Dance my girl was doing a crab dance to my guitar, and it just flowed
04 Pinewood Derby IV I started this when I first moved to TX, and it has really blossomed
05 Pinewood Derby (slides) another mix of above
06 Tunnel Vision (MWFI) instrumental version of 'TV' (on Orphanage Bootcamp)
07 GRABBIT new song, originally from KS2
08 Class - Ave Maria just cuz
09 Class - Ode to Joy just cuz
10 Burned just playing it as originally created, on piano - pure and simple
11 When the sun comes down precursor to "Sorry, but Happy"
12 Something's wrong  


EP 1985 variation  
14 EP1  
15 Riff down  
16 Triplets  
17 P1  
18 P2  
19 P3  


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