Walkley Road Sessions

In Ottawa, I rented an apartment on Walkley Rd.  The picture on the artwork isn’t that actual apartment mind you.  I borrowed, then bought, Martin’s 4-track reel-to-reel and started recording.  But soon, the limitations of the 4-track intersected with the limitations of the artist, and I couldn’t proceed any further. 

In some ways, this should have been a TODI, but I was really trying to create my first album from start to end.


Back Against the Wall

Sounds cool, but the key register is too high for the vocal – painfully so.  The piano was midi’d with a sound module (SPX II) to get the wider sound.


Fire’s Out

Precursor to “Out of Sight”.   This version is lacking a chorus.
The effect on the guitar is cool in the middle.


Track Me Down

Terrific.  Unusable, but terrific.  Precursor to "It's Cold Outside"


Spin the bottle

Precursor to “Crazy Like a Fox”.  The spinning bottle was really just twirling the microphone on the table.



I couldn’t bring myself to put vocals on it (until Under Developed)


Alternate Path

This version sounds better than the one on Y&B, but the vocal is poor (on both)


You’re the One (part 2)

The high keyboard is replacing the vocal.  I didn’t get around to doing an actual vocal, but it doesn't seem to matter anymore.


Marathon of Love

Aka ‘Hometown’. I’m going to finish this one day.  Really!


All or Nothing

These bedtracks are promising, especially at 1:30 to 2:00, but I couldn’t bring myself to ruin them.


Can’t Unwind

Precursor to “Words that Mean Goodbye” (on Under Developed). 
I used to ‘see’ this song while I was in church.
I had the beginnings of “Lift your head – take a shot” at this time, but lost track of it for a while.


the Visionary

Dedicated to Deb.  I attempted this again for U.D., but it didn’t sound good, so it got dropped.  There’s a cool guitar solo planned for the tune, but haven’t been able to get to it.



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