4 Track Mind

When I returned from Toronto, I went to college (finally), but I didn’t lose my drive to record. 
John E. was also in college studying film and I was happy to create soundtracks to his films.  The three ‘sports shorts’ were intended but never used.
   Really, I was just a kid, still having lots of fun.

Martin Kandler had a home studio he called studio 33.  
We recorded a lot of songs at his studio, learning the ropes together.



Video Love

My second possible ‘hit single’.  Karen S. on lead vocal (Ron’s sister).


Do You Remember

Bev does a great job on lead vocal.  The lyrics could have been better.


Short - Farming

Precursor to ‘Straight out of the box’.  Not used.


Short - Skiing

Precursor to ‘Burned’  Not used.


Short - Boxing

Precursor to ‘the Survivor’.  Not used.


Words that Mean Goodbye

I love the title but here it’s really the precursor to ‘Gotcha!’ 


Maple Man theme

John said he liked it but the producer didn’t.  The ‘rinky dinky doo dah’ makes it sound less than professional, but it seemed to fit.


Perfect Stranger

08 - opening theme
09 - clowning around
10 - chase
11 - the boat
12 - ending theme


One late night , the film played and I played along to it.  Later, I recorded over to get a cleaner result.  This film’s music seemed to really work well.


Wandering Eyes

Bev’s final version of the ‘Milk Song’.


Not Aware

The middle part of ‘Station B’.  I really wanted to hear Bev sing this.  The keyboard sound isn’t great on it’s own.


Time Will Tell

We got an award for this short from the CBC.  The opening has the kids playing, and so the music matches it with an undercurrent of tension.  The tension breaks and heads into the full out keyboard riffing where the brother destroys all the sand castles.  Some of the riffs were reused from ‘Lonely’.  The Canadian National Anthem is spoofed here – I heard this done with the US anthem in another film.  I reused the end riff in ‘2econd 2 None’.



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Thanks to Martin Kandler at Studio 33 (Kingston) for mentoring me !