Ready ... Fire !

Collection of recordings done at various studios around North America.



The next ‘hit single’, recorded downtown Ottawa at Studio B.  The good part about these studios is you generally get very good results, as is the case here.  I should have played less eGuitar during the verses, darn.


One Day One Night

This was the first song I wrote after moving to Ottawa.  We went to a song contest party, and the other bands thought I had the better song, making me feel pretty darn good.

It could have been recorded better, but I was in a hurry to get it done.  Mike Swan, on vocal, did a great job.  Kevin Jones, on guitar, put on a perfect solo.  Recorded at Good Egg.

Straight Out of the Box

This version was recorded in Frederick on my computer using Data Becker Music Pro ($50).  I used the original bedtracks from 4TrackMind, slowed them down (also bringing down the key) and put on the vocals.  Being able to get this quality at home was a god-send.


It’s Cold Outside

Recorded in Omaha at Rainbow Studios.  Another example of how a pro studio can really bring out the best.  I kind of rushed into this and did the lyrics last minute, so it could have been a lot worse.  I had plenty of life events to draw from and they wound up in here.  The owner played the drums.  I bought my Epiphone electric at the attached music store.  We brought in a bass player, but he was playing way too fast.  I ended up doing it myself.



Recorded near Baltimore at Monastery over two weekends.  I asked the studio owner to find me a drummer and we would just wing it.  Not sure why it ended up slower than the demos, but it really nailed the recording and added power to the song.  I had bought a bass at a local music store in Frederick at played the part like Mccartney in Come Together.  I really practiced the backing vocals and stressed over the ending, which ended up being a guitar part.


No Reason

I bought a Yamaha Clavinova that had some excellent piano sounds.  As I was playing these chords, I realized the similarity to “Airport” and used the melody from that over these chords and built a better chorus.


Straight out of the box

I wrote the melody and lyrics to this while driving to work.  I took the beds from 4TrackMind and auditioned pro singers to put on the vocal.


Video Love (Rosera)

2nd attempt on this song in Ottawa.  I put out a “Wanted” ad to get a singer and Rose answered.  Rose came up with an excellent back vocal part.   One of Rose’s friends nailed this guitar solo.  Also recorded at Good Egg.  It could have been mixed better, but …
We ended up talking with Frank (the Turtles?) but nothing came of it.



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