Under Developed

After getting Music Center Pro (Data Becker) and recording a couple of tunes with it, I felt pretty confident.  The family was going off on vacation for 2 months, and I spent the time on this album. 

From beginning to end, this was a successful time period, and the best album I’ve created to date. 
All the songs are different and have good (maybe even great) story lines – the epitome of YrLic.


the Wrong Idea

I had wanted to redo POB with better lyrics, and this is it. The number of subtle jokes and funny ending makes this very appealing to me.  Not sure this should have been the lead track, since I put an animated vocal on top, but the performance is solid.


Kiss me if you want

More of a standard pop song – not bad, but not great either.
The genesis of this was borne in Ottawa, but all I had was a chorus. 
It’s pitchy occasionally, but nice boy/girl story.


One Day One Night

Revamped the lyrics dramatically and put on a decent vocal delivery.
The guitar work in the second half makes for a bit of a punk rock song.
Turn this one up loud and enjoy !


In the car, driving

The lyrics were developed while I was on a train in Peru traveling around Cuzco.  There had been an explorer, traveling by llama or alpaca, who was lost while looking for gold.  I modernized the story somewhat so that he had been in a car instead and came up with a wandering bass line that seemed to fit and really made the song exciting. 

The keyboard in the breaks was based on Elton John’s “Sorry seems to be the hardest word”.  The guitar lick is the same as in the demo, but I had experimented with the tempo trying to get it just right.


2econd 2 None

Lyrically and sonically, this is my favorite on the album.  The chord structure is unusual and, combined with the smooth vocal, sounds really disturbing.  Going in to the end, there’s a real cacophony of sound with dissonant guitar drones amid general hysteria.  Way cool.


Not Bothered

A final remake of the Kilroy rocker.  A bit more solid and sports a more compelling chorus.  I think I’m finished fooling around with this song now.


Words that mean Goodbye

A great story falling on a pretty heavy riff.  I like stories that use analogies to mirror sinister aspects of real life.



Revisited this track from WRS that was missing the vocal.  I redid all the bed tracks and put on some high vocals at 2am one fine morning.  When I took the headphones off, all the neighborhood dogs were barking. 
The original ending was too telling, so I changed it.


the Day after Forever

Another solid story of broken promises over a guitar based rock song.  The guitar sound reminds me of “Fingerprint File”, by the Stones.



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