Orphanage Bootcamp

A lot has taken place between "Under Developed" and now.

1.   "Long Shot" single was created and nearly released (guitar based rock).
2.  "Foreword Letters" single was released (keyboard based 'pop')
 "Frosh Bites" single was released (guitar based rock).
 "Manger Angel" Christmas single was created, but is in limited release (keyboard based ballad).
 "Klavier Spielen II" album was created containing a group of keyboard based songs.
 "Klavier Spielen III (Back Log)" album was created,. containing soundtracks used at Citigroup.

Work on the next album is nearly complete,

01 Keep Me Covered Great lead off track.  Not single material, but it drives.
02 RTFM Another solid album track based on a cool guitar riff.
03 Sorry, but Happy Acoustic/Electric guitar ballad.  I don't do many so this is different.
04 Misery Loves Company Pop/Rock single potential with a funny party story
05 Somebody Elses Problem Pop/Rock single potential with a funny boy/girl story.  Best track?
06 Always Afraid Slow brooding tune about fear.  Dreamy melody
07 "TV" not sure of the title as yet
08 So Long, Bye Bye Originally the B-side to "Long Shot"
09 Your Mother Guitar/Organ number with a neat melody and chorus
10 No Reason Final version from "Ready...Fire"
11 Both Ways Great pop/rock tune.
12 the Game Pop/Rock tune, in the same vein as "Long Shot", good way to end the album.
    [ along with a handful of others currently in demo mode, including ]
A. Don't Stop Now with a killer chorus, still working on lyrics
B. Gutterball Fantastic album track, can't get the vocals right though
C. Burned Another great album track, but needs great lyrics



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