W ü n d e r K i n d
I wünder about that boy

After "Klavier Spielen", I was starting to create more ‘songs’, now also on guitar, and starting to add vocals.
Many of these were created when I was in high school.  I would record them in the living room using my Dad’s quadraphonic tape recorder.  Hey, he wasn't using it !



Somewhat Mute

My first GF was Christina B.  This was about me being too nervous to talk to her (we didn’t last long).   I later played it for some beach babe, and she said she thought it had a ‘nice beat’ (ie., beat it kid)


Leukemia Susan

Not sure how (or why) this got started, but it had a neat chorus.



My buddy and I were hanging out with these two girls and one was a knockout.  At some point they stole the cassette.  The other girl was pretty sweet as well, but it didn’t make for a good song that way - or a relationship !



Precursor to "the Wrong Idea", great piano rockerwith Danny S. on piano top and vocalizations.  I don’t know why I said “Look what I’m doing to the piano!“   I wonder what it was???


One more chance, precious

One of my first ballads – I still like it.


Station B

Hold out from my ‘epic composition’ days started in Grade 9.  I like the heavy guitar part, although the recording is poor.  The middle part was extracted and re-recorded as ‘Not Aware’. (on 4TrackMind)


Moving Forward

One of the first songs recorded at Martin Kandler’s home studio.  Pretty melody, but the lyrics are rough.  There was a second part, guitar based, that was never recorded.


Diving Music (Keys)

One of the first tunes played for my parents who were completely nonplussed (I never did that again).  I offered this up to John E. for one of his cable shows, but it didn’t get used (probably for the same reason).


Diving Music (Guitar)

This was pretty rough, but the ideas are there.  The piano version of this song was never recorded in these days, but I always played it.  This is the precursor to "Your Mother" on Orphanage Bootcamp.


Somewhat Mute (inst)

This should have went onto a TODI, but in those days, everything was a TODI, and especially this one.



We did a few ‘school announcements’ and started embellishing with musical accompaniments that were quickly frowned upon.  Very Pink Floyd.


Train / On the upswing

I was working on this guitar based track and instead of putting the vocal part on, created this wild front end based on experiments with a loaner amp.


URU (extended)

The second part was supposed to be a separate instrumental, but I always played it immediately after, like in this recording, so they got stuck together forever, then …



Then this song ended up as the 3rd in the set.  My first Mccartney suite.  “Pass the Time” was written around this time, and probably should have been on this album, instead it went TODI.



I was reading a lot of encyclopedias in these days.  This is another ‘epic styled’ track like ‘Station B.


Jam at Esford’s

The keyboard track here, in my best Keith Emerson, is the foundation for ‘Hometown’ (aka Marathon of Love).  There was a second jam at the school (“coffee house”) but the recording was lost (along with ‘Starguide’).


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