K i l r o y

I started renting drum kits and bass guitars to really flush out the songs sonically, making this album the first ‘real’ album as opposed to noodling. 

Larry Wright would come over when my parents were out and we would record in the living room, doing the vocals in the stair well.    I would play drums after the guitar or piano part was already recorded.

Even in those days, Marc Todesco was a pretty amazing drummer.  We recorded over at his place so we wouldn’t have to move the drums, and he played on True Love and You’re the One.  I was blown away.  These recordings eventually pushed me to go to Toronto to explore music further.


Getting the Strap

Cheap Trick’s live version of “Need your Love” was very inspirational for the vocal style.  I thought I was pretty cool in these days and this track was killer.  Me on bass, drums and backing vocals.  The master was destroyed (bad rewinding) before I got a final copy.



Opens with the Chop Sticks variation.  Larry on bass.
Oh we were having fun.


Not Bothered

My songwriting was getting a lot better.  Larry on bass.  Drum sticks fell right at the end.  Not bad compared to the original, but not as good as the final on Under Developed.



Larry and I wrote this at Lake Ontario park.  He had the original guitar part in E.  I started finding my voice and came up with backing vocal ideas right while recording was in progress (eg.,  the second  ‘all you need is love’)


Hanging in Suspense

Larry had this song pretty much completed and we knocked it out one day.  I had a lot of fun vocalizing at the end, like I was doing ‘Hey Jude’.  He was pretty excited and played it for his mom.


True Love

My first possible ‘hit single’ just getting underway.


You’re the One

Discovering religion, the lyrics nearly wrote themselves.  I prefer this version to the later one recorded in Toronto.  I was continuing to find my voice, and this vocal was pretty good, all things considered.


It’s better with butter

At the time, this really sounded good.  Instrumental version of "Hometown" (aka ‘Marathon of Love’).  Ron S. intros.


Klavier Spielen [Live]


Intro End

Part 1 - piano

Part 2 - fx

Part 3 - piano (end)


My best Rick Wakeman impersonation, live no less.  Peter (MC) was revving up the audience by mimicking the sonic noises that I had been practicing in the school’s media room.  This was the first of three Coffeehouse performances at the high school in Kingston.  They thought I was just going to do sound effects.  But then, why was there a piano?



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